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My name is Amir Amzah i'm 24 with a zodiac of gemini who like writing poems. poems that i wrote basically came from my heart, with the emotions & lust. =)

i love Trance music as the wave of the sound travel to my ears. n i also love to read about horoscopes. my favourite colour is brown.

brown is the true colour of my eyes,
the true colour of my skin & the true colour of the nature in me.......

Feel free to read all my poems and comment them....

It's all for u guys out there to read....

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  • If love is a drug than i don't need it

    12 years ago
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  • There will be no success, if the thought of trying does on linger in you...

    12 years ago
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  • Lines of lies shall not exist in our soul

    12 years ago
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