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Hi im Murf, also known as amir. where to start?? well first of all im a demented dude who floats along life like its nothing. i have gone through alot, thus my personality is slightly on the hatred side, which is the spicy side hehe... i write about mostly my troubles, heartbreak and life. things that arent disposable and should be kept inside.....but dont let that mislead you, i do have a soft side lol... i write plenty about love, devotion, passion and the obvious hate poems... hopefully my poems can help those who read it, n if not, then just be honest and comment on how it truly is lol... n e ways my email is.....
im here for whomever. peace

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  • Age : 19
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  • Country : Belize
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Latest Poems By Amir Riveroll

  • Im a junkie craving a fix,
    but not of drugs...

  • I lay my heart to float on the ocean,
    While im staring at you...

  • Im dependent, I strife for liberty.
    Liberate my mind from affection I want nothing...

  • Im dying due to false representation,
    Ive lost my identity in a world of lies...

  • Dusty, squeaky clean bones tucked from sight
    Hidden, buried, afraid to experience the light...

Latest Quotes By Amir Riveroll

  • "Dont judge me, for i am too complex that you would assume insanity, but in reality i am all what you can never be. A mere mortal you are, for you fear everything and do nothing, whilst i admit fear yet i never let it slow me down."

    9 years ago
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  • Love is another word for Buckle up and Hang on, because youll be taken for a ride. Somtimes goes fast, goes slow, gets scary, and most of the time amazing, but at sometime the ride will be over and another passenger will take your seat.

    9 years ago
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  • "Are you really who you say you are? Because no individual should have two shadows"

    9 years ago
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