Imperfect Little Snowflakes

by StandStill   Jul 30, 2008

Candy cane kisses slip on the breeze
as the bells sing to their own tune.
Clouds hang orange, heavy horizon;
lovely, midnight noon.

Oh, what a perfect night to be alive...
it flutters softly through my dreams.
Dancing arrogance and bitter tongues
burning to snowflakes the summer's ease.

Flakes crash down like falling stars,
so impossible to grasp.
Shadows hunt for fresh, sweet meals
as the midnight exhales and gasps.

Dreams shift upon a kalaidescope,
ambitions numbered here and there.
Screaming out for the things untouched,
twisting reality through splayed out hair.

Everything is slipping away
as I lay exhausted beneath invisible stars.
Imperfect, shattered snowflakes land
upon old, hollow little scars.

I could hold a star upon my chest,
and feel it resting soft and warm.
But never shall I reach that high
for the snowflakes fall too far...

Majorly inspired by Cliched Inspiration's "I could touch them (they won't know)". Definitely check that out....part four's the best. :P Thanks, Jesse...


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  • 9 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    Wow that was awesome. you're a very talented writer don't stop. Shanik

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