On The Other Side of The World

by The Angel of Secrets   Sep 16, 2008

Watching the world exactly the same,
On the other side of the world.
On the rooftop of a building, there sits a man,
And inside a chained house, there sits a girl.

You write me letters of your view of this earth,
I write back explaining I disagree.
You open my eyes, as I open yours,
Making us notice what we forgot to see.

I read to you my deepest words,
And you say I've dazzled you with my mind.
And that someday in the distant future,
What I seek, I shall find.

You call me your broken angel,
Since you can't pronounce my name.
We're from the opposite sides of the world,
But you and I are just the same.

You say you seek a deeper meaning,
My words stakes your thirst.
You say my words are the deepest you have heard,
I just say I'm simply cursed.

Phone calls in the middle of the night,
"What time is it there?"
Discussing the words problems,
Because we actually care.

On the other side of the world,
After the stress of today is gone.
You watch the sun set before night,
As I watch it rise at mornings dawn.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Faithless

    I think this a very creative poem tt is beautifully written

  • 10 years ago

    by Alexandra S

    Wow darling.

    This was heartfelt and wonderfully written. I'm so proud you managed to write a love poem!

    Alexandra S