Deserted Soul

by The Angel of Secrets   Dec 7, 2008

She wandered, alone, alongside the nightly shore,
As now as forever, as now as before.
An unmerciful disaster of a child,
In the moonlight, she plainly smiled.

A heavy burden she knows she is,
"How did I end up like this?"
A deserted soul of a human ghost,
She scares the life out of the most.

No scars visible, no tears in sight,
As she writes, she fills hearts with fright.
Of everything she has ever seen,
And everything she has ever been.

A world of shadows she walks among,
Whistling the tune of an unknown song.
The tunes they never dared to hear,
The unknowing they were learned to fear.

The eyes she has are of loneliness,
"I am lonesome, I must confess,
But I would rather be alone,
And face the shadows on my own."

"Love has given be scars that bind
My soul to an existence no one can find.
Trust has been broken countless times,
Affection has made a million crimes."

Naked, her feet touch the sand,
Well knowing the others don't understand.
As others were, she has not been,
As others saw, she has not seen.

She was born different, different and alone,
With a broken soul and a heart of stone.
She tried to be like the, she tried, she tried,
But she showed them what they wanted to hide.

"I would rather be completely alone,
And face the darkness on my own.
I can't figure out what they want from me,
And what it was I didn't see."

"I know I don't fit, and that's okay,
I prefer the night over the day.
All I know, is that I'm on my own,
Because all I loved; I loved alone."


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  • 3 years ago

    by P.S.

    If you're all alone in the dark, all you need is a really strong light =).