Animals of the Night

by The Angel of Secrets   Dec 3, 2008

Human beings are strange creatures, created from the earth,
Made to seek happiness from their very timely birth.
We are animals of the night, refusing to act like we do,
Whispering "I am not happy, unless I am like you."

Green papers of value are supposed to make us thrill,
And for it we will hate, we will fight, we will kill.
People have forgotten the actual happiness inside,
The one we were taught to forget and hide.

But I can't hide it no longer, not suppress it like you do,
Because I admit, I never, ever want to be like you.
I seek freedom as the animal I was born and I am,
I refuse to be a part of this worldwide scam.

Human beings are captured creatures, created for desire,
Never being scared of hells burning fire.
We are animals of denial, acting the way we do,
Whispering "You are happy. Why am I not too?"


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