The Raging Storm

by The Angel of Secrets   Dec 3, 2008

The rain of the storm lingers,
I feel the passion through my fingers.
Inspiration from a common spring,
Has so much more to bring.

One day, I dream, I'll see,
In the mirror - the truly me.
Eyes of the deepest blue,
One day you'll see it too.

A lonely existence I live,
With so much more to give.
Yet I condemn myself to this,
A life with much to miss.

Misery has brought me much,
Except a lovers longing touch.
Loneliness has given me my ink,
To write what I think.

I will live my life this way,
Until the legendary day.
When my soul leave my form,
With the raging storm.

With the coldest breeze,
I shall rest in peace.
With a rose upon my chest, I rest alone,
With a forgotten name engraved into a tombstone.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by P.S.

    I like the last verse a lot. The symbolism is beautiful and meaningful.

  • 11 years ago

    by Scrittore

    Very sad. I really like the flow of the poem. 5/5