Silent Heart's Confession

by eNiGmAtIc pReY   Nov 2, 2008

I got something to tell about this feeling all so very new,
Something that leads me to getting crazy over you
Emotion within me, I thought would never again grow.
A very important thing, I think, you ought to know.

I just hope you would understand every word I'll say
Please listen to what emotions this poem wants to convey.
Perhaps with this little thing I could do, you would realize
How much I value the love I have been trying to hide.

In every second, in every minute, it is you who is in my mind.
I tried so hard to stop it but it is still you who I always find.
I kept telling myself that loving you will only bring tears
So I decided to stay away, far from you my dear.

Yet still, I find myself locked by the chains of your charm,
Always wanting that you would accept me with your open arms.
Honestly, I have been thinking if I should tell
The confusion in my heart that's still continuing to dwell.

My past continues to haunt me no matter what I do
Something tells me that someday you will just hurt me, too.
I became scared that if I ever give you my everything,
Once you decide to go, for sure I'd be left with nothing.

Each night, I would compare your beauty with the twinkling stars
But just like stars, you seem so near yet still you're very far.
I tried to pretend that anything that happens to you, I'll never care.
However, I never had a chance to forget you, I swear.

So I made up my mind to write this as my confession
Please believe, what I feel is not just a mere infatuation.
Understand me that this is too difficult for me to say this
But no matter your answer will be, I'll accept it, I promise!

please tell me what you think....this is very significant for me...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Eminent Bard

    so nice..
    para kay _____!hihihh

    p.s.(just a simple remark)

    "don't worry"



  • 10 years ago

    by HyacinthIris

    Well made.....

    After reading your poem, it makes me wonder if your confessing to a guy?...or you made this for a friend?....or just simply inspired? Which one?

    A very beautiful poem. Keep up!