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A daydreamer, a writer, and a storyteller INFJ-T

©?Let thy demons, those clamoring for release, course out...
It is time for thee, to absolve thy heart...

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  • An overcast dawn, as the sun, yet again, gets...
    Cascading from the ether, crystal drops quench the...

  • Hmm...Staring at the eternal somber dome above,
    I look for ideas about things I could write...

  • When I aked you to stop loving me,
    Didn't you say it was as if asking you to stop...

  • I can't seem to find the words
    To say things I've been going through...

  • Lush, blood-like petals and thorns betrothed
    With dazzling beauty that stuns within...

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  • It would be better if I let myself warped by the apathy of my own asylum.

    11 months ago
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  • I always told myself that you could possibly never hurt me, as I thought you would never dare to. However, here you are, proving me all wrong.

    1 year ago
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  • My thoughts of you claw wildly at my heart, ripping it into shreds. It's killing me not being able to call you mine...and I'm irritated with the truth that I'm way too dumb for dreaming something surreal.

    1 year ago
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