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I really love writing! Please make some comments on my poems. I will greatly appreciate it if you do! thank you!

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  • I look up at the night sky
    Wondering if you see the moon shining bright...

  • I've searched the mountain
    I've searched the sky...

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    Christmas is GIVING...

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    I want to...

  • (kinutlo gikan sa basahon nga atik2x sumala ni...
    Sa akung pagduyan2...

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  • There will be a time when we come to the point where avoiding each other is not just a choice but a necessity.

    4 months ago
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  • One day, I just realized there were already too many differences between us that we can no longer figure out how to pick up where we left off.

    4 months ago
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  • How can one person be the reason for my blissful face as well as the source of my saddest tears?

    5 years ago
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