The Gutter Gang

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Jan 23, 2009

Little Red Dress.
"Notice-me" neckline,
"Love-me" length,
And everybody's doing it.
he's in jeans smokin' dope,
With a collar undone,
jacket unkempt and unpressed.

Street-corner sitter
Awaits her new love,
At the sweet age of just seventeen.
smoothing The Red Dress,
She smiles to herself,
feeling their eyes on her body.

there's two maybe more
of the youth 'hind the pillar,
Watching that Little Red Dress.
But he's wearing jeans,
and he's smokin' that dope,
And they know that they don't stand a chance
With the Little Red Dress.

for lust has a face,
and vanity, eyes,
obsession, a warrant for sure.
want has a calling,
attention has need,
and boy, does that Little Dress want it...


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