Don't Go Away Mad {Just Go Away}

by dollwithafrown   Mar 3, 2009

Your overbearing heart-ache has got too much for me,
I'm sorry pretty baby, but I'm trying to let you see
That the world isn't big enough for you and I plus three,
My lungs aren't working anymore, it's too hard to breathe.

I need some space and I need some time;
Go back to a memory that I can call mine.
And in the end we'll manage to climb
That hill that we started before our decline.

If you give me some freedom, I'll give you a chance
To spread out your wings and learn how to dance,
And together we'll sail through our story's last glance;
A once broken but now blooming heartbreak romance.

So go away baby, and swim with the sharks.
Don't frown, sweetie; no sad remarks.
We'll meet once again, down by the park,
Where we lay on the grass to watch fireworks spark.

Come back pretty and come back sweet;
It's never too late for us to beat
The thorn in our ribs that's made us incomplete,
The love is still there, whole and concrete.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Christina Gomes

    That was a great poem :]
    Good rhyme scheme and great flow. I loved it

  • 9 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    I like your rhyming style for real I thought dylan was the only one that could rhyme four without using a little too much force and your message is loud and clearly free wheelin

  • 9 years ago

    by umbra

    I really liked this poem! If someone read this to me when they were explaining why we needed time apart I might actually understand what was going on! The rhyme of the poem sounded a bit stilted in my head, but that seemed to add to the emotion in my view. I think there might be a problem here? "To spread our your wings " I loved it! 5/5.

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