Baby, I'm Writing This For You As Much As For Me

by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex   Mar 11, 2009

"promise me. we'll be friends forever." sometimes, forever ends as quickly as your newest cigarette and then there's no one to listen anymore.
write it out? i could never. I could only listen to you breathe when you fall asleep. Sweetheart, I'm as unstable as the theory of God and just about as forgotten; it's the price you have to pay, being true to yourself.

and just like the theory of "friends forever" and "i love you" I'm completely lying to you. I could tell you of everything, but what's the point? no one ever listens, and if they do, once they get bored it's always, "trust me, I know"; if I could kiss you every time I've heard that we'd be lovers by now. And yet that's still not the case as I grope for love in an unmannered fashion; manners are for the sane. Like I said, love is for liars and friendship for cheaters.

Perhaps if we weave our fingers together now, we just might be able to save ourselves and fall in love again.

Baby, I'm writing this for you as much as for me. We could participate in holding each other up and save the stars so much grief. But,
does any of this make any sense? of course not, because you don't understand the murmurs of a demented lover. I didn't want to mention it to you, but I don't love you at all. You're not good enough for me and I know how to disappoint you (by telling you I always think his name). I'm a liar as much as a cheater, and here's the truth:
this isn't a love story as much as a misplaced recessions. If you read closely into the lines, I"m spelling it out for you; I"m not good enough for you and I'm a terrible person with too many needs. My friends are angels, and even my mom's too good for me.


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