Surfing my insides

by Iola   Jun 6, 2009

On the corners of my heart
Lies the bitter stains of my confusion
This life is tearing me apart
And you are not a welcome intrusion

Beyond the fire within my being
I fall freely into a sphere made for me
Getting up in the morning is mean
My teary eyes can no longer see

A splash of water hits my head
It turns me to hide within my mind
Please forget the things I have said
Forcing my neck to not look behind

Inside my box it is dark but fine
The storm inside is wet and cold
Not a clue what is reserved as mine
Scary things within seems to unfold

Give me that towel so that I can dry
Rescue me from the ocean's spit
Crawling forward is too hard to try
Let me lie in the sand for a little bit

Salt in my ears distort the real meaning
Of the emotions that is ruling my fate
Help me understand the root of this feeling
Show me myself before it's too late


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