Till The End Of Time

by Mezmeryz   Nov 15, 2009

So maybe it's true, I'm over possessive too.
But what can I do? I just can't live without you.

So I'll hate on them all; in this daze I will crawl,
And when it's the last call, no-one will catch me when I fall...

No matter what the weather, we'll always be together;
Best friends are forever, so I'm going to leave you never.

I'll always be there to help you fight your fears,
And when it all gets too much, I'll even wipe your tears.

Forever by your side: you're my very best friend,
In me you can confide; I'm your sister till the end.

You're my other half, and forever that will be,
Without you I'm soul-less, and so you complete me.

I'm the happiest and luckiest person in the world,
Because I found you; my soul mate -- my funny girl.

Fate seems to try its best, to pull me and you apart,
But it will never succeed, because you reside in my heart.

If you ever leave me, I don't know what I'll do,
Because trust me it is true, I just can't live without you.

Because the truth is you see, that you belong with me,
And forever that will be: One - for the rest of eternity.

Funny girl, you gave me the world, don't you see it's true;
Without you where would I be, no-one can replace you.

I really could do anything, just to see you smile;
If you're happy, I am too: believe me for a while.

See, you're so very special; I could never let you go.
But if ever you get sick of me, please do let me know.

Because you're my other half, I feel empty when you're not here,
Now you are my everything; I'll have nothing if you're not there.

Things go wrong; shit happens, seems we can't make it through,
But I love my life, simply, because in mine I got you.

Life may take us separate ways, but we share the same lane;
I'm always right by your side; our paths will always be the same.

You mean too much to me; hope you'll always be mine;
We belong together, till the end of time.

Because to be more than honest, you're everything I got --
Bestest of the best; you're everything I'm not.

Nothing I ever write, will express how much you mean:
I love you so very much, in this world; it's probably unseen.

Now I hope time and distance don't play their role;
Either way, you'll always live Right Here... in my soul.

for funny girl.

*Readers: I know its very repetitive and very long... but if you've made it this far: please R/R/C! =]
Really will be appreciated!*


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