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Hi, I'm Mez. *I don't write to impress... I write to express.* *Never shed a tear for what you cannot have. Cry over what you have, but cannot keep...* *I can't take this anymore, You keep running through my head. If this is was losing you feels like,
I much rather be dead.* *When I die and go somewhere far, I'll paint your name on every star. So when the world looks up to see, they'll know how much you mean to me...* For 'my two favourite people on earth'... You know who you are.
-MS- My Motto's:
*The worlds a harsh place, life could be harder. Every step you take, you either smile or suffer. So live life in each moment, because moments move fast; past was journey to this moment, which may be your last...* *Live, Love and Laugh like there's no tomorrow...* I would be very greatful if people would r/r/c my poems. Take care, and thanks for reading my profile x
Anyone want to talk? Just send me a private message. MEZi..x

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Latest Poems By Mezmeryz

  • The love is lost, it has stolen all,
    The pain of loneliness remains...

  • So maybe it's true, I'm over possessive too.
    But what can I do? I just can't live without you...

  • Me, my life, my heart and soul, are incomplete...
    You're my best friend for eternity; that will...

  • Not every drop of water in all the vast oceans,
    Or every drop of dew and all precipitations...

  • Why is the heart concerned with pain?
    And the brain concerned with thought...

Latest Quotes By Mezmeryz

  • 'Life is incomplete when not graced by your presence; I am incomplete in your absence.'

    By Me.

    14 years ago
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  • 'There's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.. where you are, is where you were meant to be.. enjoy life for what it is and what it gives you.. appreciate all you have.. and maybe you'll realise.. even that's enough.'

    By Me.

    14 years ago
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  • 'Never give up, never give in, strive, you'll get through to the end eventually; there's always light at the end of the tunnel.. when you get there, you'll remember -- it's where you wanted to be all along...'

    By Me.

    14 years ago
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