Her Perdition (Story)

by Milo   Jan 28, 2010

(Continued from The Night Bird and the Apostate)

The dying sun has shunned the last of its light
The dead moon follows close behind
Under the darkened trees and its withered oaks
There the angel has fallen to the ground
Her beautiful eyes gleamed with the waning sun
It mirrored the sun's brilliance of easing light
Marking the end of another day
And the beginning of her sorrowful song

Through the trees the sun separated darkness and light
Casting the shadow of the hooded figure behind her
Its ageless silhouette outlines the Mother of Perdition and Bitter Love.
The wicked lips whisper in her ear
As the fallen Seraph does the evil works

She mourns the loved lost in front of her
With nothing to hold on
The courage in her eyes begin to fail
And the evil begins to shackle her soul

Broken and imprisoned
The misery begins to grip
Her already ravaged mind at last
Coming alive inside
Hellspeak drowns what little voice she has
Yet she yields a merciful moan
But no one can hear her cry of pain
The broken sky begins to form
As the moon hides behind the clouds
Its cold rain pours down the trodden forest
Her eyes glistened with the trickling rain
Like gentle tears of lost
The droplets washes away her beauty and grace
A cold reflection of savage love
Now all but fades away.

Full of broken thoughts
Lost in her own perdition
The cold has gripped her fainted heart
She succumbs to the pain
Too much to bear
Knowing that this feeling of lost
Is something she cannot repair
She pressed her knees to her chest
Staring at the sinister forest ahead
Among the lost that has gone astray
No other sheep has dared to flock so far away

Burn her shadow
Unto the hallow ground
At the edge of what is there to come
Beneath the stains of time
She took the silhouetted hand
And begins to walk away

Hand in hand she never looked back
She lets go and left everything behind


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  • 7 years ago

    by Sparkling snow flake

    I love the way you have written this piece! Its a wonderfully rhyming story were we are able to follow this women on her journey!
    Nice read :)