The Pen

by Blueleo   Mar 31, 2010

The pen is a magical tool indeed in life
Its strokes more dangerous then a knife
May be a shield but also a violent dagger
It can make one grow or slowly stagger

Yet why does one find liberation using it?
Feeling as if a violent fire is instantly lit.
Words out of no where start to come out.
As if emotions never had a way to sprout.

Is it love that one is truly trying to portray?
Is it anger that makes the pen run astray?
Maybe emotions are indeed hard to bare
Maybe at some point one stops to care

What happens when ink no longer flows?
What is the pen's secret? No one knows.
It is a feeling of true freedom when it slides.
Emotions just emerge when the hand glides.

Something about emotions and imagination.
They trap the soul in an insane deformation.
Hitting and rapping and tapping at the head.
Making one craze and burn and turn in bed.

Then the pen comes along to free the brain.
Suddenly, no emotions can drive one insane.
It is as if it has powers to reach deep inside.
Soothing all the pains which reality denied.


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    I agree with Olwin it speaks about how all writers feel and its like the pen is our only friend when we need..enjoyed this read :)

  • 8 years ago

    by Dreamofolwin

    This has to be the best poem Ive read in a while! You capture so well the emotions we go through as writers.. I love this poem.. and am nominating it for the weekly contest, simply because it speaks to the heart and soul of all us poets... and because you display a REAL talent for writing here.
    Very well written and expressed dear friend, with fantastic rhyme and flow :) Bravo! and keep PENNING.. HaHa.

    Lol, Olwin.