Dear you. ohfourohtwoten

by Teria   Apr 2, 2010

Tonight i though of you.
the smiles that you bring.
how open hearted you used to be,
i wonder if you're still the same.
bright sunshine glistened,
tears didn't fall..
except for that one time
and it broke my heart most of all
when i heard about your mother,
i didn't know what to do.
i felt so bad for abandoning you.
i doubt you ever thought this way,
she likes me and i like her,
excluding that time in fourth grade,
where we dated for a few.

dear you,
i hope you know,
even though i know you don't,
that i'm thinking of you.
and i wish you the best.
considering that's what you deserve.

fight for your life.
take what you want,
get what you need.
bring home the joy
and the smiles that you feed...


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  • 8 years ago

    by jescelle

    Aww this is beautiful!! I especially liked this part "Dear you, i hope you know, even though i know you don't"... I know just how you feel! 5/5!