Tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes

by Teria   Jun 15, 2016

Your light shines through
With hope and love
My destiny
We're meant to be
The whole world can see
I was made for you
You were made for me
Your words make me light
Promises made throughout the night
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
It's here today just not to stay
The time it passes
Dragging me down
Depths of despair
Void of your care
The light returns,
The demons reside
Youre here with me
Right by my side
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
What's wrong with me?
It's here today, just not to stay
What's wrong with me?
Because tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
I run right back,
Like I don't know
That it's here today, just not to stay


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  • 7 years ago

    by Kurt

    I've always appreciated your work. You incorporate new ways to draw readers in that aren't the stereotypical methods. You've been on my favorites list for almost a decade and you will certainly stay there!

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