Edwardo the germ

by kristen   Aug 25, 2010

It started with a sneeze. A nasty, germ breeding sneeze. Edwardo made it past the nasal cavities and the mouth. He made it past the tissue and the hands. He flew right out of that little person and he landed on the world. What a fascinating thing, to come from a being in the world to landing onto the world. That is some magic trick. There was however one thing Edwardo came to learn very quickly as a little germ..Nobody wanted him around. Poor, Poor Edwardo! " Please Mister! I just need a body to attach myself to! I'll die in such harsh conditions without you! I promise not to make you feel crummy! It's just these other guys might see me in here and take advantage of you. But just one germ won't hurt you. " ...The same old story. Edwardo's tail end you would so often see running from these beings who dared to attack him with the hand sanitizer. Gosh how Edwardo hated that hand sanitizer. Being threatened with it daily didn't help with the stress he was already feeling.

That was the day though that Edwardo learned what his goal in life would be. Edwardo was going to prove to these " humans " that he could be a good germ. A germ worthy of inhabiting bodies. A germ appreciated, loved, and wanted. He knew that one day people would beg for him to come inside of their bodies. " Oh, Edwardo! please come line my intestines so I won't have explosive diarrhea anymore! " And then you would see Edwardo, running to the rescue. No more explosive diarrhea for you Sandy, Edwardo is here. Edwardo would help doctors make all the shots to prevent the chicken pox, measles, mumps, and anything else you could think of.

Ten years later Edwardo becomes the cure for AIDS. The end.


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