How Could You Hurt Me Like That?

by Lost Dreamer   Oct 12, 2010

***This could be about honestly, anything like boyfriend and girlfriend, wife or husband, very close best friends losing each other. My situation is like that and for me it isn't about love so I chose sad category.***

Nothings gonna come true,
cause this ain't no fairytale.
You lie,
but yet I forgive.
It's kinda like you have no existence.
We were so close that I don't wanna let you go.
You're out, far in the distance,
you're a ghost to me.
I'm done with the crying,
none of this is worth it.
And I'm glad that I can finally admit that.
I don't need you to talk to no longer.
You were never on my side, once you met him.
I looked in your eyes, and saw the devil.
Nothing was the same.
It was all so stressful.
I wish I could of pulled you back up.
But yet he kept pulling you down,
with all his words he said.
You just kept taking his side.
No matter how many tears I cried,
you didn't care you walked away,
forever out of my life.
It felt like you stabbed a knife,
through my back.
Can't go back now.
I just got to breathe and not cry.
Be strong, and hold tight.
I'm gonna keep this to my self,
and hide the pain.
Nobody knows how bad this is driving me insane.
All our memories went down the drain.
Even if you saw me you wouldn't understand.


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