Fallen Comrades

by Robert Daniel Long   Oct 31, 2010

Over the ages
Through the battles
And wars raged
By men
And their reasoning

There were principles
To consider
For the freedoms
And the privileges
That we have today

The very principles
We all to often
Take for granted

Please remember

There were those
Who paid the ultimate price
For these things
They were
The men and women
Who gave of themselves
Their lives
Their all

So we
Could enjoy the freedoms
We have today

As a veteran
I'm troubled by what I see
The flagrant disregard
For all the things
That we as soldiers
Died for

It was an ultimate price
Given freely
But one
Not to be taken lightly
Though we did this

Show respect
Honor these privileges
You were freely given
It cost some one
And their families

Think of those
Who volunteered
To serve
And to even die
So that you
Could live in peace
And in harmony
With all the freedom
To come and go as you will

In a country designed
For you and me
By those who gave
With a desire
To be free

Our fallen comrades

copyrighted material 2008


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