He Doesn't Care!

by Lost Dreamer   Nov 5, 2010

I thought he wanted me,
thought he needed me.
I guess I thought to quickly.
I wish I could take it all back and be my self,
instead of pretend to be someone else.

The night's aren't sparkling,
you're not going to be with me anymore.
I begged, and prayed at night,
hoping you wouldn't be with someone else,
not be in love with anyone but me.
Guess that sounds pretty selfish.
So I got what I deserved.

I don't want to live with seeing you with her,
it hurts me and makes me want to hurt my self.
I've hid the pain for as long as I can.
So with one last text, I sent to you.
My last words "Please don't let him not care!"
I commit suicide, and the pain has finally gone away.
You could've known, you had this affect one me.


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