by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Jul 7, 2011

Go away; leave me be
Why is it so hard to forget me
Please don't stay; let me go
Even though I love you so

I gave you a chance to be with me
But you messed up the opportunity
It took me a while to finally see
But now I'm gone

Walk away; leave me alone
I just wanna be on my own
Don't think to stay; let me live
I already gave all I could give

You say you love me; expect me to melt in your arms
Think I'll let you slip back into my heart
Yes, I love you, but now that we're apart
I'd rather stay long gone

I see you taking a step back; don't hesitate
It'll take more than words for me to take your bait
Just run away; get out of here
It's been a long time since I felt my tears

So leave, just leave me be
Why is it so hard to forget me?
Don't think to stay; just let me live
I gave all the love that I could give
But since you didn't do the same thing, then...

I'm already gone


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