Loosely strapped onto your fate...

by Amreen   Nov 16, 2011

Awaiting your reply,
I spend days with hope,
searching for reasons of ignorance
from the most indispensable part of my life...

I tried my best to collide with you,
but your ignorance followed,
it then cultivated
moments of despair...

Disheartened by your reticence,
I imbibed the fragrance of sadness,
it grew into
hatred towards you...

Those harsh moments of your eludence
made me your strong rebel,
it made me erase all my feelings for you,
it made me discard your reminiscence from my mind...

I gradually felt out of your ambience,
it made me feel
I would now live a fresh life
I would now begin a new journey sans you..

A prolonged period later,
your fruits of love culminated for me,
you showered your love
by connecting with me...

Your single attention
acted as a magical wand,
it brushed away the vindictiveness intact for you in me,
it glued te pearls of our love in a moment...

The rays of your life entered my soul,
tearing away the gloominess I lived with,
it etched back your memories
I buried long time ago...

It seems my heart is
loosely strapped onto your fate,
as despite your ignorance,
it still feels for you...

[ Written for discussion boards contest by The Poetess]


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Khalid

    So beautiful imagery! I like dividing the poem regularly into four-line stanzas. This is really enticing. Brilliant as always.

  • 5 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    A lovely love poem. ..i like how you created two different emotions. Its really a bad moment to find one in a feeling of remorse and sceptism after a tiny misunderstanding. It leaves ones in despair and wishing you where never together. Such are trying times when one shouldn't let emotions to take control of the affairs. It can result to bad judgements.

    With patience, perseverance and trust. One can go through it all and find a point where the puzzle will fall together. Then, the love and affection will start blooming like never before. Its just a phase that strengthens and taste the amount of love one feels for the other. It can be minor or major depending on how you go about it.

    Love is a mixture of happy and sad times, they complement each other, just as lovers. This is the reality of every relationship. And i believe everyone can find this relatable. Bon Travail! :) ..

  • 5 years ago

    by Siham

    Woooooooow this is amazing, i want nothing but to read it hundred of times. the comments above show how this poem is fantastic
    excellent job 5/5

  • 6 years ago

    by colin

    Beautiful poem i can relate to the poem i read it 3 times already & i suppose ill probably read it alot more times.a 5 Excellent

  • 6 years ago

    by Jennah Bella

    You wrote this really well and I found the read to be quite enjoyable. I loved your choice of words and how you put the poem together.