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I believe that life is still green and once it gets grown up and mature one always has appropriate chances to pick it up. This can be achieved through honest relationships with people full of respect and love, where there's no place for lies. Every step in one's life will be registered, so one has to select steps which fill his life with faith, trust, honesty and belief, although it seems difficult for those who used to be careless and lazy. Regarding my poetry, I love wisdom poetry the most. I don't like to be a beggar of your votes but i appreciate if you pass through my poems and just give your advice and comments, not necessarily your vote. I wish good luck to every poet.

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  • Man owns his willing but woman achieves what she wants.

    7 years ago
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  • Imagination can't exist without reality.

    7 years ago
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  • My real problem is not the forgiveness but what to forgive among faults accumulated.

    7 years ago
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