Where did I do wrong?

by Katharine   Dec 31, 2011

I Feel an unbearable pain,
It brings tears to my eyes and chaos to my heart,
I feel as if my world is falling apart,
I cry tears of pain,
Standing under the pouring rain,
So much sorrow I endure,
Sometimes I wish there was no tomorrow,
I burn up with fury rage and fire,
knowing my souls greatest desires,
I trusted him with my pride,
yet I always thought he'd be by my side,
What a find for he was always on my mind,
It makes me emotionally unstable and sad,
to know what I thought I once had,
He made me feel like this universe was unreal,
It makes me wonder how I can go along,
When I know I am not strong,
Even though he said he cared,
he truly wasn't there,
I looked into those eyes,
but all I saw was one big lie,
I took a great chance,
battling to find what they call 'Romance',
But the only thing I found were were words to say,
yet I kept them hidden day after day,
Everything I felt seemed so right,
but now it doesn't matter,
because I spend tonight alone.....
Thinking... "Where did I do wrong?"


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by CarnivorousCoffin

    Okay your 13....I am in shock..great piece of art.I look forward to reading more.Keep up the AWESOME work.

  • 6 years ago

    by Aaron

    This was a very interesting read
    it has shown me within your words that
    you are hurting within the sorrows
    of the past.

    but i liked it 5/5 :)

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