by Nevi   Mar 2, 2012

why do you stare at me?
with eyes blood red,
and a vein pulsing at your temple?

I know they said you were deadly
but every time I pass my mirror
I'm shocked to see you,
chewing over events long passed.

Hair frazzled.
I look like hell

------------------------------------------------------------ Written for a prompt in M&M to write a poem about one of the seven deadly sins.

Ira is the latin for wrath


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  • 6 years ago

    by nourayasmine

    Nevi! I believe that I nominated this in the past but couldn't catch you any earlier to comment, now when I saw you online, I remembered that! haha. I LOVED this poem, tops my favorites by you. So creative when you used simple langauge. I never heard of the word 'Ira' (and perhaps never will haha) and that what caught my attention to this piece. spells sweet! haha. I too loved how you didn't use 'wrath', it wouldn't sound that creative.

    'but every time I pass my mirror
    I'm shocked to see you,
    chewing over events long passed.'

    Made so so so SO much sense to me!

    I love your M&Ms challenges, guys, lol. Great write! :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Britt


    You have curly hair, so isn't it always frazzled? :) Hahaha, kidding!

    This poem is one I must have missed, I don't remember reading it. I think it's interesting you put it in the category you did, as I figured you would have put this in the dark area - it's definitely fitting for both pieces.

    I like how you used the latin version rather than just wrath - and with Ira being a name as well it personified it a little. I like how you used the mirror as though you're walking along, thinking everything is okay, and then you realize it's not. What you once thought was a past hurt that was healed or forgiven now pops up and you feel the pain, hurt and anger all over again. Of course this is taking it in the literal sense, but I feel it's much too strong to try to dig any deeper. It made perfect sense there.

    I felt so many things when reading this, you've played on so many senses here in such a short little area. You did an awesome job on this, definitely kind of eerie but also thought provoking - makes you wonder how much you swear you let go, only to realize you never really do. :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Melpomene


    Wrath, what an interesting choice.

    I think wrath is something we have within us all, most of the time it's just waiting to come out. The best of us have it under control but it takes life changing events to bring it out and when it does well, a lot of things happen right.

    I liked the symbolism of blood red, of course red symbolises wrath but it also brings forward a lot more ideas, lust, love, power. Perhaps the wrath was caused by one of these things. Who knows.

    I really liked the last line, it's like it snapped the audience back to reality and was somewhat funny, especially when connected to the hair.. probably because you have that stereotyped hair that sticks up all over the place. I could definitely image your hair frazzled.

    Nice poem, Nevi.

  • 6 years ago

    by Ronel McCarthy

    You incorporates different senses to paint this emotion ......showing how it manifests in physical form every time you pass the mirror . .....using the strong color of red to expose its power . X

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