I am not a poet

by Natusha   Mar 13, 2012

I am not a poet,
I am a dancer
I dance with words,
scratch their backs,
step upon their feet, vigorously!

these words and me,
we take twists and turns
so,its okay if you do not understand this.

These words aren't
made for your understanding,
they don't seek the easiest target.
they fight their way to you..
they can't settle for making you settle.

these words come pleading to my bedroom door saying:

"Please, do not
compromise with your feelings
let me sweep you off your feet, just a little bit longer"

that's not to say
that they speak for
the unspoken.

these words,
they roam around
their own planet
shooting at galaxy's
way forgotten by
the stars hidden under our skin.

they dig through
heart and soul
digging deeper into
ribcages and collarbones,
Looking for what feels like home.

So..its okay if you do not comprehend it
these words aren't looking for your recognition
they don't need your approval

These words come
bouncing of my chest
like boomerangs
traveling at the speed of light

and you might not understand it
tell you what....
you will misunderstand this

but you see,
these words are
so much better than that.

they can't pity themselves.

They hang off cliffs
waiting for a freefall,
just to see what the
sky seems like
without being spell
bound to gravity

they hold your breath,
takes it..
and leave millions
of other lungs asking for more.


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  • 6 years ago

    by nourayasmine


    I don't know you. I never read your poetry. I am sure you'll think I'm weird because I haven't PMed you with a 'welcome to the site' message, I haven't truly read your profile. I don't even know why Yaki is stalking you, bahahaha. But I know a thing...


    Why did you put it in the 'slang' section? That section always make me shy away, don't know why. Anyway, let me just talk and talk about this masterpiece. The title was truly an eye-catching one. I love it when poets talk about their poetry or themselves, it makes me feel kind of concerned, haha. For the first moment, I thought you're going to express yourself in a sad way, it made me feel that you were stating you don't feel confident about your poetry or something like this, I liked that idea too. We, poets, rarely like our own poetry, so I was interested, totally, to read this masterpiece. Bringing 'dancer' and 'poet' in one stanza was a freaking genius idea, they felt to me connected to each other in some weird way, poetry always holds tons of tones and it was shown in that line. I am a big fan of the 'scratching their backs' image. What an imagination you've got, truly original and novel. I almost pictured you dancing with words, trifling with them and scratching their backs, too! I love the insertion of the word 'vigorously'. Just the sound of it makes me feel refreshed, well-placed. I hate it when someone steps one my feet while dancing, I still have no idea what you meant by painting that image, but it seems interesting in a way. I'll keep thinking! The twists and turns part was cute! Not slightly 'cute', y'know the kind of 'cute' that puts a smile on your face. It was new, this idea. I mean I see words twisting and turning in lots of poems, but never has anybody expressed it this simple. I like this sentence: 'They don't speak the easiest target'. It made some kind of dark sense to me. Like they are complicated or has controversial meanings? I don't know and that's what made me like it! ;) I WORSHIP the way you made the words talk! So smart, so delightful and imaginative. Sweeping someone off their feet usually comes unintentionally but here, it was different. I love the entreaties, too, as if you are having too much to write but none is coming up, so you give up and try to sleep with all those ideas in your head and then you began to imagine words begging you to pen them down. What a delicious mixture of reality and something else between reality and daydreams that I felt in this stanza! How well-written. I thought you were saying the standard 'stars in our skin' sentence, but then when I got a bit deeper, I found out that you partly meant the feelings hidden inside of us and that left me wandering for a breath.

    'Digging deeper into ribcages and collarbones
    Looking for what feels like home'

    If only I could express what I am feeling at the moment, you'd really feel proud of yourself. I can't figure out how to analyze such a wonderful statement. Home = heart or maybe deeper than the heart itself. I don't know if you were talking about your own poetry or about reading others poetry for example, your favorite poets work or something but, by all means, this was artful and...I truly don't know what to tell you except that I'm amazed. The ending was unexpected and just beautiful. I don't think I have left votes but this MUST be nominated and a winner.

    Natusha, (lmao, hahaha, even your name feels classy) I enjoyed reading your poetry. It was a pleasure.

    Edited: this comment was written before the win. Congratulations!

  • 6 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This was so incredible, I love the spirit with which you write and I was just blown away!!!! Really enjoyed the meaning behind the lines that made me think, the whole image of words roaming and digging into our backs and our skins to find a home......wow
    you have such a strong presence when writing.

    Congrats on the win Natusha :)
    Many more to come I know


  • 6 years ago

    by Nyera

    I so love this poem it was beautiful I love the 3 stanza

  • 6 years ago

    by Yakari Gabriel

    ...this poem is pure beauty omg.

    the more I read it the more I fall inlove, the more I think back of the Final night
    of Art Rules Aruba.

    You all were amazing omg...


  • 6 years ago

    by DarkLight

    Am jealous of ua beautiful poem...i gt no words to settle t..its just beautiful.