The Tempest: Aftermath

by Marquesas   Aug 8, 2012

The storm has passed
I walk through the ruins once my home
Symbolic to the heart shattered inside
My mind trying to make sense of everything
Feeling so distant and alone
Pain, sadness, anger, confusion
All occupied the hole in my chest
Now it's empty, hollow
I can't feel anything anymore
Looking down at my feet is a small picture frame
I pick it up and observe it
Her and I holding each, our lives perfect
Just for a moment, but that's all we needed
Closing my eyes, I breathe deeply
My vow, to move on
To let her go I bury her picture
Giving up the love lost
I open my eyes
Time to rebuild


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    Ugh!! Woman are dumb to let you goooooo. You're a keeper [from what I have seen and all] :)

    But, I like the metaphor of your insides being a house. It shows that you've built walls around your heart to keep out pain and all. Then you open a window to let someone's light in then BAM, storming like crazy. And then it gets destructive. I like it.... I mean, it's good. Real good.

  • 5 years ago

    by karyssa smith

    I love this poem. i understand how you have to let go of things sometimes, and its not easy. good job.