Have Her

by xXxBaByDeMoNxXx   Nov 5, 2012

Take her you obviously love her more then me
take her you insufficient pig
lets make it official and get the decree
ill take her little neck and snap it like a twig

i dont need you i dont want you
i can live with out my one love
what more harm could you do?
how many more dead doves?

you took my hand and made life better
you looked into my heart and made me believe
believed in you i sent my heart in a letter
now all i have to do is greive

you sinister man
why must you be wonderful
your deathly glow overran
in my eyes its wonderful

i love you now and forever so
but now is the time i have to let you go


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  • 5 years ago

    by Silent Scribbler

    Very passionate poetry right here, that's for sure. Strong expression of anger, but you can still see that through all the anger that the writer is hurt and still very mcuh so has feelings for the person the poetry refers to. Burns with the fiery iciness that is the pain of love. Beautiful and sad. 5/5

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