by Thomas   Dec 8, 2012

Like chained beasts
walking in an open cage
Each viewing and sniffing
without anything to smell or see
Leash getting pulled now and again,
the snouts back in the same direction
All snorting and wheezing
waiting for the redeeming green light
The green light that will never come
because no one wants to see
the doors of hell open
And yet we continue to deny
that we are inferior to nature
Looking down on our fellow creatures
At least they're able to live without Prozac
Organisms that do what they think
and that need no one for it
Looking down on real freedom
which we all thirst.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Freedom, how much would I love to experience that again, living without taking
    Prozac to manage.
    Great write