Messed Up (Writer's Block)

by eNiGmAtIc pReY   Dec 30, 2012

Hmm...Staring at the eternal somber dome above,
I look for ideas about things I could write.
(I waited) Oh? There's none. Nothing's coming in?
My love for writing, is it wretched in blight?

Naah...It seems I've reached the end of my own tether.
Oops!!! No! That couldn't be! My brain can't be dead yet!
My mind just gets out of my grasp sometimes.
This isn't the time for me to be scared, cry nor fret!

Saa...I wonder, How did it come to this?
Lack of inspiration? I don't think so. There's still a lot to sightsee.
My muse just left me? Oh no~! If that's it, please come back.
If I lose this gift, this freedom, what is left of me?

Geez...This is annoying. Definitely frustrating.
This is damn so unfair. No word is pushing through.
Everything is random. No connection or whatsoever!
However, even in this predicament, I still want to continue.

Tick, tock...tick, tock...I'm worse than a broken clock.
I have been playing with the keys since afternoon.
Types down something, then keys in Backspace,
Mimicking the second hand of the broken watch I still have on.

Ahh~! My head is even starting to hurt at this moment.
And I am only tapping the keyboard for a few words, you know!
Perhaps, I've been forcing it to make even this crap rhyme,
When in fact, it doesn't even seem to have a flow.

Sheesh...It's time for me to stop playing scribe for now.
Maybe tomorrow constrained thoughts will come to flight!
And then, when I start to nibble my pen, words will move me.
Anyway, I can still write. I believe so. I am still a poet, right?

* least, I was able to finish this one..I hope I can make a proper poem again, though.


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