Noah's Caveat

by Rusheena   Jan 30, 2013

There's a storm coming, one like no one has ever seen.
All of the news reports confirm it,
but no one believes Noah,
when he tries to warn them, not even his own family.
While he makes plans to take shelter,
the rest of the town prepares to visit their families,
shop at the local mall, and eat at fancy restaurants.
Noah examines the gray mamma clouds from his window
every ten minutes,
careful not to be caught off guard.
He hasn't slept in days, but it'll all be worth it,
after that siren rings and his NOAA radio beams.
Tomorrow, his family will know
how wrong they were to laugh at him.
Tomorrow, he can prove to the world that he was right, all along.
Tomorrow, they'll all see... But there has to be more that he can do!
He dreads tomorrow and what it will bring.
He dreads what will happen to the people, who didn't listen.
He dreads his due judgment for giving up so easily.
So, Noah leaves his house for the first time in weeks.
The blaring sun burns his skin and blinds his eyes,
but he doesn't care.
He gets into his car and drives into town,
anxious to tell anyone, who will listen, about tomorrow's storm.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Skyler

    A gritty reboot of an age old folk tale. I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed with the tone of this. "Tomorrow, his family will know/how wrong they were to laugh at him/Tomorrow, he can prove to the world he was right, all along/ Tomorrow, they'll all see... But there has to be more that he can do!"
    Those lines take the poem to a dark place in the fanatic mind of the protagonist, but then right back again. I feel like this is under-appreciated and overlooked in the Life section. Favorited, 5/5