Analysing you

by Karla   Mar 15, 2013

If you could take off your mask
as you try to learn what is beyond
your Western understanding
for two seconds, I might believe
you could be what you aren't prepared
to be

the divinity that lies in you still
carries a loaded rusty gun and
compassion doesn't know your address.
I contemplate your words and
the surreal meaning they convey,
begging Freud and Jung for some help.
And as your meaningless consonants and vowels
lie on the red couch, bursting the morning
in confetti and subjectivism,
my poor Geography disdains your developed country and sub-self

Karla Bardanza


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Decayed

    Believe me, it's hard to analyze them ;)

    Whateva' though!

    I don't need to do that.
    No one is better than anyone.
    And I am sure that You & me, as well as many others, are way better.

    Masks do not last!

    maybe that's why they have the highest rates of rape, violence, and suicides.

    Anyway, this is a really smart poem! Loved it!!!!!! loved it so much!!
    I am sure it came from a feeling you experience daily.

    "compassion doesn't know your address."

    ^ this summed it all !

    Way to go, my poetess!

  • 5 years ago

    by Lostlove1

    This is an intriguing piece Karla. Your poems always please :)

    You my friend, are poetry, no doubt.

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