Runaway's Cottage

by Daylight Lucidity   Jun 4, 2013

Deep in the bowels of a delightful, fairytale, forest
Sits a little cottage nestled between two weeping willows
Smiling in the smoke rising from a small chimney to wash against the sky, a blue so flawless;
Soft light radiates from within the elegantly crafted windows.
Walk to the heavy wooden door, threshold inviting,
Carvings etched in the rich color, a knob of gold,
Not only opening a door to a house, but another future, a home, is inveigling
Creating a new chapter in a story whispered but never actually told.
Breathe the air sprinkled with subtle warmth and trust
From where the furnishings await to be sat upon;
Listen to the songs of cardinals and blue jays hushed
To enhance the beauty in which this runaway's cottage draws.
Walk through the house, see its uniqueness shining like a star
Out onto the veranda; a wire metal table greeting at the door
An inviting bouquet of lilies and orchids in a small, blue glass vase purchased from afar
Leading to a garden of splendor and elegance never dreamed, nor thought of afore.
A small pond lays on the greenest grass, each blade an emerald
Glittering in the early morning's rain
And like the setting sun, its ephemeral rays are delectable
A superb majesty, over hearts and joys it reigns.
Note the petite waterfall cascading into a pool
That houses two precious angelfish
Giving unto this home a sense of treasured love and affection towards a priceless jewel
Breathtakingly beautiful like a child's every wish.
This cottage, this divine escape from life's cruel humor,
Lies somewhere far, far away over hills, mountains and plains alike
Serving as a gateway into an undiscovered, unidentified, enticing future
Wrapped in the strong, supporting, loving, arms of a runaway's cottage; the beginning of a new life.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    The imagery in this poem is absolutely amazing. You paint such an.... amazing image and I am still caught up in it.


    I like what the cottage stands for as well. :)

    Nicely done.

  • 5 years ago

    by WintersAngel

    A wonderful storyline for a poem. It felt like I was reading a fairytale. Excellent flow. Awesome poem!!