A girl without wings

by Danyell Daniels   Nov 23, 2013

Who am I? as I ask that one question. as my mind filled with frustration. am I really the girl every one want to marry, or this is something I pretend to be? stuck inside a box wishing to break free! looking out the window as everyone fly free. why I seen to be the girl with broken wings?, are the guys I date that seem to be my standers is really what I want? or it that just all a front? I sit in my box and think about these things. who is this girl I seem to be? do I really pray to god, or that just part of my charter?. I continue to think.... would if I just had wings, maybe I can answer all my questions. but I continue to look everyone flying without direction, they think without a mind, they all goes the same direction, they all seem to have the same look, eyes filled with depression, sadness and worries. looking at them let me know... I am different, I am phenomenal, I have a glow that light up the world, my smile is the reason happiness exist. I am a women who stand strong, who walk with direction!. sex until marrage!!, I am unique. I am the girl without wings!!!!


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