A Calling

by Maple Tree   Dec 4, 2013

I heard a calling, nestled within
patchwork leaves, calico mapping
of an outlined choir sang to me..

come a calling oh lost one-

I heard peaceful whispers
within veins of
a corpsed remains
of a rose-

The rose you tossed upon my silkened
feet as I stood under a soft, stalking sunshine
of yesterday.

Oh yesterday's fragrance haunts every sense
that quivers in my nature loving soul.

I heard the calling, spattered in limbs
of every tree upon high,
this is where our souls eternally rest....


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  • 4 years ago

    by Chelsey

    I heard peaceful whispers
    within veins of
    a corpsed remains
    of a rose-

    ^ I absolutely love this stanza what an interesting way to use corpse. Something that should be disturbing, sad, gross, make you picture death, instead you use it to describe something beautiful , a rose. And it made me think about how many people carry a dead rose in a bible, in a picture frame, etc. a rose that once meant something to them , they still carry after it died. Very nice.

    I've always loved your nature pieces for this reason, you never cease to make them all creative on their own way.

  • 4 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Oh this is such a lovely poem you have written-
    The first stanza I believe holds a secret that maybe only you can hear? Nature does hold a lot of beauty inside her soul. A lot of noises could ne heard. Here I love the use of choir because it holds a lot of calm feelings to it. When I think of a choir I think of voices that sing together. I can see birds singing together or just nature in general her love pervading your heart. Who is this lost one. Maybe a lost godess ? :)

    Second- Wow. First I must say I love roses and it seems here you have a connected soul to flowers or nature in general. You bring so much life to the roses. Ilove the use of whisper bbecause to me it seems like you are saying, that this rose is telling you it's secrets before it passes away. Like a death bed confession. Very unique.

    Third- This stanza tells me the you are sad and even just yesterday the sun was shining but now life it wilting so to speak. The imagery here is stunning and simple. The use of soft is well used here. I think of softas a caring and kind heart. So that being said- it seems you have a very soft touch to eeverything around you and even just a wilted rose makes you very sad.

    Fourth- The use of fragrance is also great here. I love how you can smell many things. There is so much beauty around the world. I love how you said it haunts you. You blame yourself for something and now everynight you have nightmares maybe. The ending is very beautiful as well. It seems again you have such a great connection in nature that your souls will intertwine someday. Overall there is a soft touch here and I can tell you put so much love into this. Great write