Yellow Jackets

by Maple Tree   Aug 16, 2022

I’ve often wondered if the pills are following the directed course
or if they’ve chosen roads less traveled.

It feels to me they have gotten wedged
tween thoughts and empty space.

My fingers wither in pain,
ringing of hands have bruised over the years.

Despair consumes me as eyes refuse to dip in the public pool;
there’s a murky pond somewhere, where yellowjackets roam,

I’ve grown accustomed to keeping things private.

I’m alone again, in thought
and it’s a lonely place to be.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    As always, your poetic verses speak volumes and hold so much depth. I missed seeing you on here, and sending all the support I have to offer. It's a hard thing indeed to feel alone, even if you are not physically alone, the grief and despair can seem all-consuming. Thinking of you always <3