How to have chronic deja vu and keep going.

by Jamparnell   May 16, 2014

Who knew Deja vu would be, would do.
Such a gift or is it a curse?
Relive it
my best and my worst.
I give it my all.
Is it a test for the fall or a thirst to bounce back like a ball?
Forget it.
Best not misbehave.
I guess.
I can't save.
I live it.
I wonder if I'm already six feet under.
Dead replaying old scenes like thunder.
In my head the light left plundered.
No sight left unturned.
No bridges left unburned.
If this is the first time, you would've fooled me.
One and one and one makes three.
That's two for the eyes and one for the head.
So tell me again why I'm not better off in bed.
Maybe I'm being brash.
I wont thrash because
To call this life a nightmare would be unfair.
The truth is this.
In for a penny, in for a pound,
and the whole world goes round.
I think that I've found that I'm ahead of the game.
Where others are tame, I've found that I'm wise.
Day to day events are like the sunrise.
For me they return sometimes still special to my eyes.
I notice that I let my mind burn for greater meaning.
Still though, a surprise would be gleaming.
Just one event I feel I can only experience once.
I know I sound delirious, call me a dunce,
but that would be something.
It would be like a star in space.
So bright, so far, away from this place.
Today, tomorrow, for me it's the past.
I guess the idea of now is the only one that will last.
So tell me again how we've never been here before.
I'll call you a bore.
Give me something more.
Give me an idea to explore.
Give me a thought to provoke.
Give me something so I can't hear that I just spoke.
Because every single letter A-Z isn't new to me.
I need complexity.
I need a new dime.
Heads or tails, it's one or the other every single time.
Lets talk about fate and what this all means.
Lets work as a team.
I don't mean to seem rude.
I don't want to have an attitude
but you're day to day conversations with me...
those are the things that pick at my sanity.
I don't want to be another cog in the machine.
I don't want to be a drop in the stream.
but I also don't want to be spotted in the beam.
An idol is rot for the clean team.
So don't talk about them either, talk about Spock.
Talk about the things in this world that rock.
Talk about the things that make you tick.
After all individualism is just a flame on a wick.
The candle of your life is tick tick tick tick.
Mine is more like a VCR.
I'm moving through tar.
I can't help it, it's road for your car.
And maybe this doesn't make sense.
I know it doesn't pay the bills.
All I'm saying is that life is more than just thrills and "what you make it".
Living life to the fullest? You might as well fake it.
Take it for what it's worth.
From a man with the deja vu curse.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Narph

    Sounds like a rap. Do you perform? I haven't seen a lot of intentionally serious pieces in this style on this site, so it's nice that you're covering that niche.

  • 3 years ago

    by Dancing Rivers

    I love this so so so so much!!!! Every word is so perfectly placed, even though the poem is long your format creates a fast rhythm, almost as though you're bouncing back and forth between times, like de ja vu, what a brilliant masterpiece.and for the record, join the club with de ja vu, I've had it all my life, to the point where there's moments I can quote word for word what people are about to say, Infact I had de ja vu today.awesome job :-)

    • 3 years ago

      by Jamparnell

      Have you ever had visons of the future?
      Or possible past?
      I've been officially diagnosed with chronic deja vu and was wondering if that was a symptom of the disease. Also I remember phisically repeating days and changing things.
      Sorry for the questions just excited to talk to someone else with it. Also thanks for the feedback, I like to make every note match a beat and the beat change but overall for an image of sound along with the message of the poem.