9:01 PM

by Poet on the Piano   May 17, 2014

I had been anxious for hours,
a heartbeat not aware of the future
set for me and so I yearned for
a release,
for anything to set me free.
Though I knew it would be temporary,
I needed that fix like an ear of corn
thirsty for October rain.

You talked, I stayed silent
except for the few times I agreed
with a heavy voice still choking
on my sobs.

You were the perfect distraction,
and yet, you didn't speak just about you.
You asked me again,
why do you feel so alone?
Where are you?
And I knew that was concern
one could never fake.

I didn't know it was possible to banish
the loneliness, at least for this cold night,
until God gave me the courage to call you
(twice) and let you know I wasn't alright.

Though it may sound melodramatic,
I know it to be true.
My heart is now lighter and I will sleep
with thoughts of being strong

for you.

Written 5/16/14
Freewrite. Really grateful for this friend.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Tara Kay

    This...I have a friend...my best friend who calms me when the storm inside is out of control. Who knows when I need to talk and when I do not, who knows when I need an ear, a hand or a hug.

    When you know someone is there then you know you can survive.

    This just made me smile as I thought of my best friend and then as I thought of you having someone like this for you.

    Sometimes we just need to know they are there. Amazingly written MA...