Fifteen Minutes

by Mihir Deshmukh   Sep 14, 2014

You say this life is yours,
that you are its master and slave.
I ask how long will your reign endure,
you dismiss my question calling it brave.

If this life is yours, are you aware of its every breath?
your control seems superficial, does it have any depth?
I know,I'm being bold,but there's no other way,
coming back to the question,are you in control? you didn't say.

This life,it slips away faster than a fish in water,
for every breath, why should I bother.
Its just the golden moments,anyway,that actually count,
that's what people are chasing,just look around.

Just think how beautiful it would be,to be aware of every breath,
for you to be inside yourself,in your very own depth.
To be able to hear each heartbeat,clear as the bells of the church,
that peace and calm you are seeking,inside yourself you need to search.

And I ask for not more than fifteen minutes of your day,
for fifteen minutes,you and I just gaze at the bay.
Feel it inside us,as the waves come and go,
find yourself inside you,just to say hello.

To have a little chat on how things are,
to ask, hows life been so far.
To find a friend,someone you can talk to anytime,
someone you had hidden away, your accomplice in crime.

Whats wrong ,if I want fifteen minutes away?
far from goals and targets and a life pretentiously gay.
Fifteen minutes to wander around,in woods so dark and deep,
Fifteen minutes to be awake,in this eternal sleep.

For fifteen minutes, I simply want to exist,
lost in a world,I simply couldn't resist.
A world with no people,no cars no hurry,
Fifteen minutes on an empty globe , free of worry.

Such a little amount of time for a world so large?
how would you be able to explore it without any cars!?
I need no cars,for the wind will carry me along,
show me my own world,whispering a silent song.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Dancing Rivers

    Some suggestions if I may? :-) (are you aware of its every breath) should be (are you aware of it's every breath) perhaps instead of (this life, it slips away..) Try (this life-it slips away...) (golden moments, anyway, that count) rather be (golden moments anyway, that count) (and I ask for not more than fifteen...) Rather use (no more...) (what's wrong, if I want fifteen minutes anyway) try (what's wrong with me wanting fifteen minutes anyway) and that's that I hope you don't mind my interference? :-)

  • 3 years ago

    by Dancing Rivers

    That just made me laugh, cry and smile all at once, whilst also making me truly contemplate life.yes it is a bold question"are you truly the master of your life?"I think many people would probably answer"yes"or"that's a bold question"until they actually sit and think about it for real