Silent Spark

by Mihir Deshmukh   Oct 24, 2014

In this poem there's no frill,
sorry if it doesn't give you any chill.
Sorry if it's simple and plain,
sorry,but it truly depicts my pain.

I feel this bright spot inside,
only part of me that's still bright.
It's a spark, burning in me,
a lighthouse,to the nostalgia of days carefree.

When the skies were clear,
and happiness all round.
When mind was without fear,
and I was mentally sound.

What really troubles me,
isn't my heart which is hollow.
It's my future so eerie,
It's the time that follows.

When the witch cast her spell,
for her touch,I started to dwell.
And now,lost I am in a world so dark,
the only light here is that silent spark.

I wander these lone streets,calling out her name,
shouting,for my insanity she's not to blame.
Tired of this life is this body and my soul,
to die in her arms,my ultimate goal.

For this idiot mind,still refuses to realize,
my existence is a house of cards,cards made of lies.


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