by Scott Cole   Feb 5, 2015

A glimpse or peek of things gone,
Wonders and thoughts that held on.
A past of time written in stone,
Moments that are not left alone.
Memories oh memories
Oh what are they,
Marking our mind, marking our days.
With past actions gone astray,
Yet their joys still remain.
But for a moment, a moment of time,
We pause for a second to rewind.
Stopping our mind, stopping our days,
With reminders that cause us delays.
The freshest ones are easiest to recall,
While the older ones are always on call.
Memories oh memories
Oh what are thee,
Wonders and thoughts not set free.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Jerry Bolton

    I found the absence of the comma troubling. You used punctuation, but only at the end of your lines. Line 7 could use a coma between the words "mind," and "marking." Likewise line 10 needs a comma between the words "moment," and "a." Also line 12 "mind" and "stopping."

    This is my first comment here and I don't want to upset poets, but I just had to point these things out.