Return your smile to me

by Beauty In The Breaking   Feb 14, 2015

I want so much to tell you,
to share whats in my heart,
to show you that my words have depth
instead of the hollowness you see,
I wish that I could speak.

You stole my heart so quickly,
I truly did try to resist,
but as they say in the country songs
the cowboy rode in with a smile
then rode away with my heart.

When I close my eyes I still see you,
that sparkle in your dark eyes
as you shamelessly charmed and flirted
and showed me more care than I had known.

You dangled promises of heaven
in front of my starving eyes
and oh how you tempted my soul,
I fought to resist your charm
but my every defense you broke.

My heart wasn't free to be given away
but you stole it all the same
and now I don't know how to cope
with your coldness and distant eyes
when all I want is your love to come back.

My beautiful hispanic distraction
who makes it so I can't think,
I miss your flashing smile
and your heated chocolate glance,
won't you please forgive me?

I hurt you without intention,
forgive me for my naivety,
my experience with love is so little,
forgive me for the pain I gave
and return your smile my way.

A dose of the pain I gave you is fair
but please end the punishment soon,
this heartache is all I can think of
and almost more than I can bare,
please just let me love you.


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