Sixteen Years

by Brittany Ottmo   Apr 14, 2015


On this very day
Sixteen years ago
I lost a piece of my heart
To heaven it did go.

I woke up this morning
With a tear already in my eye
My dream was happy yet depressing
And I knew very well why.

This day comes every year
And every year I try to keep preoccupied
But at the end of the day
It doesn't matter how hard I tried.

I run out of things to do
Then I sit down and my mind starts to race
A million memories flash through
And I catch a picture of his face.

Now I feel the burning of tears
Building up in my eyes
But it's too late now
They started pouring out of my eyes.

I miss the times we had
I missed the times we could have shared
He left us too quick
I was unprepared.

A little girl is all I was
When I heard the news that day
I didn't believe it for one second
I was in dismay.

When it hit me for the first time
Was on the day his funeral came
I walked up to his casket
And my body went lame.

It hit me then
That my dad was gone
My world fell apart
And I became withdrawn.

As years passed on
I started to make it thru the day
But it is never easy
When someone you love passes away.

Today has been sixteen years
The pain is still here
But I know my dad is with me
Each and every year.

If he was here he would tell me
"There is no time for tears today
Spend it with your loved ones
Be happy in every way."

So as the day comes to an end
A smile is on my face
Because no matter what
He is with me in every place.

I want to say I love you Dad
I will see you again one day
But first I must live till I'm old
And spend my years with joy in every way.

R.I.P to the greatest man on heaven and earth! You are forever missed! April 13th 1999.


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