In your mantle of Love

by Everlasting   May 16, 2015

Oh come forth, speak to me my Lord,
I need to hear your words,
For them to guide me to you world.
I need to hear your voice,
For me to follow you, my Lord.
Please, I need to.

I'm just a woman dressed in shame.
Undress me, lord.
See my nakedness with innocence,
And cloth me, lord.
Enwrap me in your mantle of love.

I feel cold. The garments I wear
are heavy with regrets.
They are soaked with past mistakes.
I now walk the streets
dripping nothing but remorse.

Oh come forth, speak to me my Lord,
please, utter to me at least one word.

I'm just a woman knelt in one corner of the world,
Yet the world is round, my lord.
See, I am truly lost! I need to hear your voice.
I need to be guided to you, my lord.
Please, I need to.

I know you won't slash me with your sword,
Unless your sword is kindness and pure love.
Then pierce me, lord.
Slay out of me this wickedness that corrodes my soul.
Let me bleed the impuritites that accumulated
in my consciousness as if they were pus.
Then help me heal.
Enwrap me in your mantle of love.

in Progress. . . Don't know till when it'll be finish


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  • 3 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    The lord has sacrificed his life for all of our sins and he is a forgiving God. We are human and not perfect, we make mistakes and we do wrong. All we need to do repent our sins and ask to be forgiven. Praying to me is very important and God is our healer.
    I love this write and add to my favorite.