I'm like a Kitten at Heart

by Everlasting   May 16, 2015

Oh God, I'm like a kitten at heart,
I prey at lonely souls, but really, I just want to say hi.
I'm fed every day, and I eat thrice a day,
but God, Sometimes, I'm like a kitten at heart,
I have some claws in my hands
--------------------that are itching to scratch...

You know, there are people on Earth
that live every day as if they were furniture ( sofas)
where others can come and recline
where others can sit and find comfort
But God, you know, I have these claws in my hands
------------------- that are itching to scratch....

And I just want to scratch. I want to scratch
till they stand up, till they come with me,
till they follow me to a playground
where they too could find time to live life.
But God, I mean no harm,
nor to deviate them from their task,
I just want to thank them
because in them I, too, come and sit,
because in them I, too, find comfort and recline.

Good night.

Written by: L.L.

Dec 15, 2014 1:34 am
Prompt: a picture of a kitten praying.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I am a big cat lover and I can picture this little kitten relaxing on the sofa and from time to time feels the urge to scratch. Cats have a unique way expressing their love and appreciation.