Does God Dream:

by Scott Cole   May 19, 2015

We don't know forsure
So we can only guess,
Does God dare to dream
When he lays down to rest.

Does he flip his pillow
Time and time again,
To keep the cool side
Right up next to him.

Does his bed covers
Do they ever start to slide,
Or does his hall light
Shine in his mighty eyes.

And when he is still
As still as still can be,
Is that the very moment
He thinks of you and me.

When all is finally quiet
As quiet as a mouse,
And nothing is stirring
Up there in God's house.

Does he ever start to dream
Just like you and me,
Cause Heaven is so Grand
All on Earth would rather be.

For dreams are of places
And times that are better,
So why would God Dream
Cause that would be never.

And when God finally does
Drift slowly off to sleep,
It's only after he's sorted
And counted all his sheep.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Lemon Squeezy

    Just getting around to checking this out (I think like 3 months ago you asked me to look at it sorry it took me so long) I did greatly enjoy it humorous but powerful and a great blend of the two! Very creative piece well done!!